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Arsis und Thesis bezeichnen in der Verslehre Hebung und Senkung. In der antiken griechischen Metrik bezeichnete Arsis (griechisch ἄρσις von αἴρω airo „erheben“, „aufheben“) das Heben des Fußes oder des Fingers, Thesis (θέσις von τίθημι tithemi „setzen“, „betonen“) den Schlag von Fuß oder Finger, das musikalische
In music and prosody, arsis and thesis (plural arses and theses) refer to the stronger and weaker parts of a musical measure or poetic foot. Arsis and thesis were the raising and lowering of the foot in beating of time or in marching or dancing. An ancient Greek writer, Bacchius, states: "What do we mean by arsis? When our
Arsis and thesis, in prosody, respectively, the accented and unaccented parts of a poetic foot. Arsis, a term of Greek origin meaning “the act of raising or lifting” or “raising the foot in beating time,” refers in Greek, or quantitative, verse to the lighter or shorter part of a poetic foot, and thesis to the accented part of the poetic foot.
arsis in American. (ˈɑrsɪs ; ärˈsis). SubstantivWortformen: plural ˈarˌses (ˈɑrˌsiz ; ärˈsēzˌ). 1. in classical Greek poetry, the short syllable or syllables of a foot. 2. in later poetry, the long or accented syllable of a foot. 3. Music. the unaccented part of a measure; upbeat. see also thesis (sense 1). Webster's New World
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Based on the Random House Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2018. Cite This Source. Examples from the Web for arsis. Expand. Historical Examples. Of the whole number, nine begin on the full bar, eleven on the arsis. The Central Eskimo Franz Boas. They exhibited a more or less regular alternation of arsis and thesis.
CHAPTER I. Definition of Rhythm.—Arsis—Thesis. RHYTHM, (numerus) as the artistic form of the material considered with respect to time, is perceptible either in the movement of the body in the dance, or in musical tone in music, or in the articulate sound of speech in poetry. It presents itself to us in a succession of small
Definition of arsis. plural arses play \-ˌsēz\. 1 a : the lighter or shorter part of a poetic foot especially in quantitative verse. b : the accented or longer part of a poetic foot especially in accentual verse. 2 : the unaccented part of a musical measure — compare thesis. NEW! Time Traveler. First Known Use: 14th century.
Terms used respectively for unstressed and stressed beats, or upbeats and downbeats.
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